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Why Nick Nelson Is The Bicon The Media Craves

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Note: Please be aware that there are some Heartstopper spoilers within the following article.

On April 22, 2022, the TV rendition of Alice Oseman’s “Heartstopper” won over the hearts and minds of the world.

The story follows Charlie Spring, who walks the halls of Truham Grammar High School. However, it’s Charlie’s love-interest that really captured the interest of the audience: Nick Nelson - classic rugby guy, loved by all the girls, and the schools’ most popular guy.

Nick faces the challenges of finding out who he really is, whilst attempting to maintain what’s left of his popularity within his homophobic group of friends. In addition, Nick educates his boyfriend, Charlie, on how he should be treated, despite the complications of Charlie’s previous relationship.

Originally, Nick always thought he was straight; however, when year ten Charlie Spring is seated next to him during form, Nelson’s world gets turned upside down. From exchanging “hi’s” in the hallways, to kissing in the rain, Nick begins researching his sexuality, eventually coming to the terms and being at ease with the idea that he is bisexual.

Within the last episode of season one, our very own Nick Nelson comes out to his mum as bisexual, and states that he, “still like[s] girls, but like[s] boys too.”

Not only does this break the stereotype that gay or bisexual men love musicals and hate sports, but it also battles the negative potrayal that society often presents of bisexuality: “It’s a phase”, “they’re just gay trying to be straight”, “they’re cheaters.”

Did you know that over half of LGB people identify as bisexual? Yet, for some reason, content creators have taken their time to give us not only bisexual characters, but those who break the bias. And that’s why Nick Nelson is the one viewers love, and it proves that if Netflix and other streaming devices present our population with queer romances, the show will be a massive hit.

Thank you, Alice, for giving us this character.

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