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The Lego Eiffel Tower

Updated: Apr 22

The Lego Eiffel Tower is a beast of a Lego set, clocking in at 149 centimeters tall, 57 centimeters wide, 74 bags, 10001 pieces. The tallest Lego set, by far.

There are five compartments that make up this Lego set. The first compartment is the base - it has beige plates, trees, benches and bushes. There are four interlocking pieces that make the bottom of the set, and these are built separately from each other before being put together. The second compartment is the biggest of the five (though not the tallest), and is certainly the most impactful as it holds up the entire build. Unfortunately it is the hardest section. The third compartment is at best mediocre, it's neither big nor tall, long nor short and, frankly, is plain boring to build. The fourth is the tallest and skinniest, and the final is the smallest in all dimensions - the tip with a French flag. 

The building techniques consist of a base, pole, and axles as well as a secure pole made of lengthy plates. This is to support the structure and is repeated in both compartments two and three. At the base, you make four replicas - all of which are corners - before adding four more straight lines which all interlock. Then you add a small square in the middle which snaps into place to secure all of it. After you add the beige plates to cover this up, you make the trees, bushes, lamps and benches.

The second compartment is the hardest but most satisfying. It consists of two poles for support, with yellow and red lifts - this matches with the corners which are also these colours. This is very clever, as it adds some colour to the build and shows the direction the towers are pointing in. 

In conclusion, at a price of 0.094 dollars per piece, and with the reward of a Lego titan standing in your house, you should buy this set - if not for the size, then for the feeling of accomplishment after building 74 different bags of Lego and arranging 10,001 (yes, 10,001) pieces.

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