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The Last Word is Tanglin Trust School's independent online blog written by students, for students. With content that covers everything from politics to pop culture, we aim to give you our take on what is happening in the world today.



Writer/Senior Editor/Publisher 2023-

Hi! I'm Sanaya and I'm the current publisher and manager of this blog. I'll be editing, writing and finally publishing articles this year!


Writer/ Senior Editor/Publisher 2024-

Hi! I’m Rohan and I am the next publisher and editor for the Last Word! I am also a Politics and Current Affairs writer taking particular interest in US politics, with an even further emphasis on elections and policies. I'm dual-national: I’m from Washington DC in the USA and London in the UK. However, I have lived in Singapore for 8 years! My favourite subjects are History, Drama and Latin - but, of course, I like English as well!


Designer/ Senior Editor/Publisher 2021-2023

Hello! I am the designer and retired manager of this website along with Ms Meehan and Mr Coe and I worked to publish finished articles to keep the website up to date every week. I also edited a large proportion of the articles and I even write occasionally!



Hello my name is Adeline and I am in year 8. I a very passionate about dogs. I will be writing in the politics section.



Hey! My name is Aditi and I’m in Year 10. I adore reading and have a slight obsession with all things Batman and Taylor Swift. I also play the piano and like sketching as well. My favourite food is dumplings. I like writing about entertainment, such as articles on books and tv shows, but I also enjoy writing the odd one on current affairs or other topics.



Hi. My name is Ashwin Sarma and I am from England and America. I enjoy watching and researching about drag queens, doing Taekwondo and playing the piano. I write articles for the ‘entertainment’ section.



My name is Cynthia. I love music, I am currently working towards diploma on the piano and I enjoy listening to music too (currently my favourite artist is Ariana Grande). I like Japanese food so my favourite food is udon. I like to write about common questions that people ask/discuss every day and I especially like to write about things that make me think a lot, for example I’m currently writing an article about “time”, one of the most confusing questions that I currently want an answer to.



This is my second year in Tanglin Trust School. Before I came to Singapore I lived in Hong Kong for 10 years. I am an avid sports fan, especially football and volleyball. I support Manchester City who have been doing amazingly in the premier league for the past few years.



Hello! I’m Grayson, my pronouns are he/they. My hobbies are playing the ukelele, reading and painting. I will mostly be writing about things to do with pop culture, lgbtq+ related topics, book reviews and everything to do with Taylor Swift.



Hi, I'm Kimi! Some of my hobbies are: swimming, reading and netball.
For The Last Word, I will mostly be writing book recommendations, and Women’s rights.


Editor and Writer

I am passionate about writing and spreading stories. My hobbies include swimming, skiing and eating. I love immersing myself in psychology and languages.



Hi, I’m Rory and I’m in Year 7. I joined TTS in the first term of the 22-23 school year, and got straight into the Last Word right from the very beginning. I write a lot about World War II - primarily the Navy and Naval Battles but I occasionally write about the Army and Air Force too.



Hi, I am Shashank. I like playing video games and watching movies. I usually write about films and superheroes.



Hi! I’m Vittoria and I love playing badminton, tennis, and reading. I mainly write opinion pieces on books, films and current affairs.

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