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How to Make Your Own Bookmark

Welcome to your tutorial on how to make your own bookmarks! As long as you follow the instructions, you will end up with some fantastic custom bookmarks that you can use in any book. This is a great activity to occupy young children and even yourself if you are bored and fancy doing something arts-and-craftsy.


Step 1

Get a plain popsicle stick

This is crucial to your success at making a bookmark as this is the foundation!

Step 2

Get materials of your choice

These will be used to decorate your bookmark, and you can use other things as well! These are just some ideas.

Step 3 


You can use your materials to create a custom-made bookmark of your choice.

Step 4

Enjoy your bookmark!

Once you have finished you will feel a sense of accomplishment at what you

have just created and you will be able to show off your creativity and your brand

new homemade bookmark to your friends and family and you will be able to

do this anytime you or your friends feel bored.

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