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I've been dethroned!

Hi everyone! This is Ariel, your editor and publisher for the past two years. Despite rumours, this was not a coup but a resignation. I really enjoyed reading all of your articles but I am leaving for university soon and I need someone to take over the website. I have discussed with Ms Meehan and we agreed that the best candidate for the job is Rohan!

Rohan has already started managing the website, and he has done so much work for The Last Word, going above and beyond with editorials and interviews, helping edit other articles etc. And I am sure that

(The guillotine is just here for dramatic purposes.)

Thank you to our readers, writers and editors for their hard work and creativity and sorry to any other willing candidates (if you start flattering Rohan now, maybe he will choose you after he's graduated).

Good luck to the new head that bears the crown!

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