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Top 10 Best Hyperchargers

1. Fang - Dragon Kick

Fang's Hypercharge is Dragon kick. Apart from the great name this Hypercharge is absolutely unstoppable. Fang is already probably the most broken brawler the game has ever seen and with his Hypercharge, his reign never ends. What makes this Hypercharge so good is its versatility as it gives fang the ability to super through walls. Fang’s biggest enemy is walls but this Hypercharge completely removes that meaning that Fang can super onto anyone and anything making it even easier to team wipe. Also, the shield, damage and HP buff means that fang is basically unkillable even if he supers into a dangerous situation.

2. Edgar - Outburst

Edgar has gone from one of the worst brawlers to one of the best in recent months. His hypercharge makes him absolutely insane! While activated, his reload speed and super charge are buffed (in addition to the stat buffs). You just have to jump onto the highest HP brawler and keep cycling your hypercharges. Its possible for Edgar to cycle 5-6 hypercharged supers in one hypercharge just due to the cycle potential. While Edgar has low HP, his damage to health attack type makes him practically unkillable unless you have VERY HIGH DPS. Lastly, his gadget (Let’s Fly) not only charges his super now, but also his Hypercharge allowing for even more hypercharges during a match.  

3. Maisie - Aftermath

Again we meet another broken brawler that has taken over the meta. Maisie was already pretty good but this hypercharge is another story entirely. Her hypercharge sends out six of her basic attack projectiles in all directions. You may be thinking, that’s not good at all! But keep in mind, it takes three shots for Maisie to get her super and only 8 for her hyper charge. So if you land most of your shots while hypercharged, you will find you will quickly have another to destroy your enemies with.

4. Lou - Slushie Storm

Lou’s hypercharge is arguably one of the most scary things ever added to the game. What it does is it instantly freezes you enemies for 1.5 seconds and makes it so you can basically guarantee yourself a kill or even a team wipe. In game modes like hotzone and brawl ball, the area control and utility this Hypercharge presents can quite often turn the tide of battle in your favour.

5. Dynamike - Boomer

Dynamike’s hypercharge is Boomer. His normal big bomb now not only explodes, but also sends out other pieces of dynamite in all directions that cover a large radius. If you have played brawl stars you will already know that being hit with a Dynamike super is often game over for you but now even the toughest tanks can’t escape Dynamike’s explosive wrath. Currently in this meta, Dynamike is not being played a lot but once Fang gets his much needed nerf (See 1.) Dynamike is guaranteed to run rampant.

6. Colette - Teen Spirit

Now Colette’s hypercharge is really cool. It creates a clone of her that runs a little bit behind her during her super. This clone mirrors everything during the super effectively meaning double the damage. In heist especially, this means you can take down the safe easily if you get more than one Hypercharge super. In addition, your clone further charges your super, meaning that if you hit both your and the clones super, you can almost get another super back. If your enemies clump together its a confirmed game over for them as your super now not only does 2x the damage but you can get another in a matter of seconds.

7. Spike - Blooming Season

Spike’s Hypercharge is another uncreative but  decent Hypercharge. It makes his super gigantic in addition to the usual slowing effect. Like Lou’s Hypercharge (See 3.) It gives Spike massive area control on maps. As well as this, Spike can cycle his supers so quickly giving him meaning that if you can get more than 1 Hypercharge super on the map, you basically can control where your enemies can go. Best area control in the game!

8. Rosa - Grasping Roots

Rosa has always been a slow brawler so I find this hypercharge a bit better suited for her. Her hypercharge slows down enemies in a radius around her making it so that you can catch up and run down the enemy team. Also because Rosa does so much damage up close, team wiping with her has never been easier. Unkillable? Check. High Damage? Check. Teamwipe potential?  Check!


9. Shelly - Double Barrel

While Shelly’s Hypercharge is not very creative, as it is just a wider super, it is super strong. Because of the buff to Shelly’s speed and the fact that she can cycle her supers so fast, it becomes incredibly easy to run someone down with your Hypercharge especially with the additional buff to HP while it is active.  If the enemy/enemies are close together, Shelly can easily run them down with her wide super and this means that breaking walls with the super is also no problem. 

10. Jackie - Seismic Event

Jackie’s super slows enemies around her for 1.5 seconds. What makes Jackie’s Hypercharge so good is that if you have someone tanky in the other team, Jackie can just cycle supers so fast which means more hypercharges. As well as this, the 1.5s stun gives Jackie more time to run down and team wipe the other team because of her high HP and high DPS. Even if you get low on HP then just slow the enemies and your teammates can easily pick them off since they can’t run anywhere. 

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