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Time Flies When You're Having Fun

As we get older, time seems to go faster. A year feels like an eternity for a five year old, but only a fraction of that as an adult. When you’re waiting, watching the minutes as they tick on by, it feels like forever, but when you’re having fun or doing something that makes you happy, it can seem to go in a flash.

Scientists say that our perception of time changes as we age, making periods of time feel like they go by faster. Let’s think about this logically for a moment: at 10 years old, a year represents 10% of your life; however, at 50 years old, it represents only a mere 2% of your life. So as you can see the maths suggests that one year can vary in length and significance depending on your age.

After speaking to some of my peers it also seems that most students also feel that Monday goes by slower than Friday. This is because there’s more to look forward to on Fridays but, on Monday all you have to look forward to is the homework that you’ll be getting set for the rest of the week.

To make the fun times feel longer (and the boring times feel shorter) is important to savour the moment - to feel true appreciation and gratitude and to not let those times slip by without genuinely recognising how good they are. Ultimately, though, life is short so just enjoy it!

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dorset ben
dorset ben
28 nov 2023

Very wise words Isobel!

Me gusta
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