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You'll be the death of me; a review

This mystery novel that revolves around the discovery of a dead body by three best friends will interest and engage even the most reluctant of teen readers.

The book focuses on three main characters, Ivy Sterling-Shepard, Mateo Wojcik, and Cal O’Shea-Wallace as they are forced into hiding on suspicion on murder. Ivy feels like she is always in the shadow of her genius younger brother, Daniel; whilst, we find out Mateo’s father ran off when he was young. His cousin, Autumn, came to live with him and his mother at ten years old after she was orphaned when her parents died in a car crash; Cal is dating his coach’s fiancé, Laura, secretly

The plot is thrown into motion when Ivy runs for senior class president against another student, Brian “Boney” Mahoney, who is running as a joke. Brian wins and Ivy gets really upset. The next day, Ivy, Mateo, and Cal, who haven’t been friends since middle school, decide to skip school. Brian doesn’t show up to the president acceptance assembly, they see him outside of school. They follow him into a building, an art studio building, but when they get inside, Brian is nowhere to be seen. In a shocking development, they spot his shoes and a syringe near him, it looks like he has died because of some form of drug overdose. Significantly, he is in Laura’s studio. They run from the building as they hear police arrive. Later, an anonymous tip comes to the police, saying a blonde woman murdered Brian. Ivy is blonde. The rest of the book passes with people freaking out at the disappearance of Ivy, Mateo, and Cal.

Ultimately, the threads of Brian’s death and the disappearance of the friends are woven together in a dramatic and powerful ending that leaves the reader on the edge of their seats.

The book is hugely entertaining and I would definitely recommend it to anyone feeling like reading a gripping book. It will not disappoint.

I give this book a five out of five star rating.

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