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Xabi Alonso and Bayer Leverkusen

Updated: Feb 26

Ahead of the 2021–2022 Bundesliga season, Xabi Alonso, a seasoned veteran and master of midfield, signed a free agent contract with Bayer Leverkusen. Alonso's arrival thrilled supporters and pundits alike, who were eager to see what the former Spain international might bring to the squad.

It was immediately evident how significantly Alonso had changed Leverkusen's midfield. The team’s playmaking potential was enhanced by the exceptional passing range he instilled, the tactical skill he introduced, and his vision for the team. The Spaniard's outstanding decision-making abilities allowed the team to keep possession and control the pace of the match.

Above and beyond his technical skill, Alonso is a tremendous mentor and leader in the locker room. His extensive experience, which he gained from successful stints at teams like Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, and Liverpool, enables him to mentor and coach younger players, giving them the confidence and poise they needed to succeed. His ability to maintain composure under duress has been essential to Leverkusen's overall success.

Leverkusen's success can also be largely attributed to Alonso's smooth introduction of new midfield players. From Florian Wirtz to his fellow Spaniard Nadiem Amiri, he has formed a strong duo that skillfully directs the team's offensive manoeuvres. Leverkusen's attacking threats are bolstered by the duo’s understanding and synergy in midfield, which leads to more possibilities for goals.

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