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William Shakespeare's Death

William Shakespeare was a famous playwright, authoring famous plays such as Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Hamlet and Othello. He was an amazing writer of his time and was known all around England, and now around the world. But many people don’t know how he died.

In researching Shakespeare’s demise, I’ve found many interesting things - who was in his will (and who wasn’t), who was with him the night before he died and many more. Here are some facts I found most interesting:

  1. Shakespeare left the name of Thomas Quiney (his son-in-law) blank, something I think is important because it could provide a motive for Quiney’s anger, potentially leading to him murdering his father in law. While Quiney was omitted, Shakespeare left lots to other relatives including his two daughters (Susanna and Judith), his sister Joan and her sons, along with a plate for his granddaughter Elizabeth (Shakespeare refers to her as his niece).

  2. I’ve also discovered that William was quite wealthy before he died, meaning someone could’ve killed him for the money. Why? Because people will do anything for money - and a famous playwright with lots of money and a large amount of opposition in the public was a clear target.

  3. The royal family really disliked Shakespeare - so even though it’s believed he died of syphilis, a British royal could have hired an assassin to finish off the great writer.

My take is that William Shakespeare was murdered, and the above is clear evidence to support this. Ultimately, we need to get to the bottom of whatever happened to Shakespeare.

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