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What are Furries

Furries are people who are somewhere between human and animal - they want to be an animal, so act and dress as one (nobody truly knows why). This article will answer some of your questions on these mysterious figures, helping us get to the bottom of this phenomenon:

Why be a furry?

For the most part, the furry community exists simply because people enjoy it. It's a way to release yourself from societal expectations, meet other people, and do exciting things like attend furry conventions with creative costumes, panels, and fun new people.

How many furries are we talking about and where are they located?

There are currently around 1.4 – 2.8 million furries worldwide, per The Healthy Journal, and it is a very kind and accepting community. The vast majority of furries live within the United States and Europe.

Do people protest about furries?

People protest against furries because they don't think it’s normal and feel it’s not the right thing to do. Normally, people come onto busy streets with pieces of paper on why furries should not exist stating that furries shouldn’t exist. They held signs saying “furries are gay”, “this is not normal”, and “ this is what a dying society looks like".

How do furries react to all the protesters against them ?

Furries react to these people with shock and find it disrespectful that people don't treat them kindly just because they want to be different. Someone even said that they were glad they didn’t join the furry community out of fear of potential harassment.

Are furries inappropriate ?

People have different opinions, but most think that they’re not inappropriate as they have a right to do what they want. But others don’t like them - saying they’re inappropriate, scary, and a bad influence of children.

Overall, we feel that represent a bad character and aren’t a good influence on society.

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