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Valuable Things that were Found Unexpectedly

Imagine if you found an object in your old dusty attic and then later at auction discovered it was worth a small fortune. It’s the type of thing we all dream about happening to us - well, here are a few examples of people who this has actually happened to. You never know - it could be you next…

A French couple was cleaning out their attic when they found a porcelain vase in their attic unnoticed for decades until this couple found this. They decided to auction it off and were surprised when it was worth a small fortune (nearly 20 million dollars)

In the Philippines, a Filipino man found a large pearl underneath their bed and decided to sell it to a museum and was estimated to have a worth of a really big amount of money, ( est worth of over 100 million dollars, the possibility of reaching near 200 million dollars )

A college student in Berlin, Germany bought an old leather sofa for 150 euros from the flea market and was surprised to find out that it was worth nearly 20,000 dollars and was dated back to the year period the Baroque time. It was painted by a person with ties with famous painter from Venetian Carlo Saraceni

A small micro painting was bought at a yard sale in a box full of other old items when they decided to see how much it was. They were shocked to find out that this small painting that they bought for only the very cheap price of 45 dollars was worth a lot more than that price. It’s estimated worth was now over 300 000 dollars on auction

The last item is dated back long ago. This has the name The Dead Sea Scrolls. These are the originals, found in a cave called Khirbert Qumran on the Northwestern shores of the Dead Sea between the dates 1947 and 1956. They are approximately over 2000 years old, dating back from the third century. They are estimated to be priceless!

Maybe next time you should check your attic or go to a yard sale and find an interesting piece of work. Maybe you will find a giant petal worth a lot or maybe even a vase from a long time ago! Who knows?

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