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Top 5 New Games Coming to Nintendo

Feeling bored? Sick of reading the same books or playing the same games? Need something new and different to lift your spirits? Well you’ve come to the right place as I’ll be breaking down 5 upcoming games on Nintendo, so get ready to have your boredom cured. Here are five top games on their way to nintendos near you. 

  1. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy - November 14, 2023 (OUT NOW)

Calling all members of the wizarding world! I know the Harry Potter community has been begging for a new Hogwarts-based game for years now, but whenever one comes out it tends to be a bit of a disappointment. Well spread the news, my friends, because The Last Word has got a surprise that will surely make you want to pick up your wands and get magical. Please welcome Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy to Nintendo!

In ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ you control your very own wizard or witch who has been recently enrolled in the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Amidst friends, enemies and professors, this game will lead you on an adventure to solve an ancient secret hidden in the mysterious and marvellous world of magic. Gain new spells and skills to defeat the hidden evil within the world and banish all evil with your mighty power. Throughout the storyline, you’ll also get to employ a range of magical spells, objects and abilities that assist you in various battles whether it be against cunning goblins or bloodthirsty spiders. Plus, the game employs your inner wizard to combine a range of these spells for the most efficient and promising battles. Do also customise your clothes and your dorm for the most enjoyable experience when you visit Hogwarts after many threatening adventures against the forces of evil. You can even ride around on your broom for some beautiful sightseeing!

This fascinating mix of fantasy, mystery and adventure promises to keep you on the edge of your seat for the whole adventure. Goblins? Wizards? Magic? What more do you want! Jump into the adventure and pour your heart out into the promising adventure of Hogwarts Legacy!

2. Batman: Arkham Trilogy - Dec 1, 2023  

Great news, fans of DC! The Dark Knight is bringing the pain back to Arkhams villains, now on Nintendo. Nintendo promises to include not one, not two, but all three Arkham based Batman games including Arkham Asylum, Arkham City and Arkham Knight - complete with all downloadable content (DLC). This new Nintendo game promises wonders in the gaming front and comes with astonishing reviews - IGN have given it a 9/10 (which doesn’t come easy)! In the Arkham trilogy, we explore many different environments such as the island of Arkham which is home to Arkham Asylum - a prison for some of the most notorious villains like the Joker, Bane and the Penguin. In these three exciting instalments we see Batman and the Joker facing off against each other under various very different circumstances mind you, ranging from prison takeovers and deadly diseases to mind control and citywide evacuations. In addition, the Arkham Trilogy includes multiple puzzles and mind games to challenge you to use your inner Batman to solve these puzzles. While we’re on the topic of puzzles, I must mention that the side missions in this game are very exciting such as the Riddler’s seemingly impossible riddles and challenges. When travelling through the city, you will also find various clues to a bigger mystery that, when you solve them, give you lots of XP to level up your Dark Knight. For your armour or skills you’ll definitely want to complete the main and side missions to get materials to become a better Batman for Arkham, Gotham and the world of DC. 

Whatever the circumstances, one element remains consistent: the Arkham games never fail to keep you wanting to play more. If you ever need something new and exciting to play, from exciting prison riots to motorcycle chases, trust me when I say you’ll never get bored of this game. 

3. Hot Wheels Unleashed 2: Turbocharged - Oct 19, 2023

Ready, Set, GO! Imagine driving any vehicle you can dream of while in a action and fast paced race with other racers. If you love racing games then boy have the Last Word got you covered. Still got your hands on the wheel? Then get ready for racing madness and fun with Hot Wheels Unleashed 2: Turbocharged.

In Turbocharged, racers will race in five different environments on miniature tracks with mini tire racing vehicles inspired by the ‘Hot Wheels’ toy line. These environments include an arcade, family backyard, mini-golf course, museum and a gas station diner which are just the main racing courses. Players also get to create their own tracks to spice up the game if you find yourself wanting a challenge. In addition, you can participate in the main story which includes cutscenes and split screen multiplayer for your friends for a uniquely fun way to race. But what will you race with? Good news, along with cars and trucks, Turbocharged introduces motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles to the racing course which in total features 130 different vehicles to master and crush your opposition with. Even better, if you really like a certain vehicle, you can earn skill points from races to further improve your racing abilities. 

From the adrenaline filled racing to the endless customisation of your vehicles, Turbocharged is everything a racing game aspires to be. Its fun tracks and environments give it a calm but action-packed atmosphere that will surely entertain the viewer (aka you!) for hours. So what are you waiting for? Step onto the track and put pedal to the metal with Hot Wheels Unleashed 2: Turbocharged!

4. Metroid Prime 4 - Summer of 2024 ( No exact release date )

It’s a bird! No, it's a plane! No, it's a metroid alien! Get ready to jump back into the action with intergalactic bounty hunter Samus! 

If you have played Metroid before then I highly recommend trying out this upcoming game. Unlike usual Metroid games which take a side-to-side view, the Metroid Prime's take a first person perspective. The Metroid community has been asking for the next first person Metroid shooter for a long time and it’s finally here! While information on this upcoming game is scarce, we do know that it will take place on a mostly organic alien planet as the artwork of February 2022 suggests. The community also has speculation that this new Prime will take an open world action-adventure theme due to the recent surge in popular games such as the ‘Legend of Zelda’ and ‘Mario’. We also know that like Prime 3, Samus will have an entirely different weapon view. Now you will be strategically aiming your ammunition and rockets and will be able to control Samus with not just up and down controls but also side-to-side like in Prime 3. 

While I know that this game may seem hard to believe and very vague, I promise you that with my experience of past Metroid games and their success and fantastic gameplay, this one will be no different. Even if you are a new player, this game is bound to be super enjoyable for all gamers out there. Get ready to blast some aliens with Metroid Prime 4!

5. The Lord of the Rings: Gollum - Late 2023 ( No exact release date )

Lord of the Rings? And video games? What a perfect mix! I might not be so obsessed  with Gollum's precious ring but I definitely would call this game my precious!

While navigating the treacherous terrain of locations like Mirkwood, Cirith Ungol and Barad- dûr, Gollum attempts to find Bilbo Baggins and recapture the One Ring while seeking to avoid Sauron. Gollum uses his range of skills to sneak and snoop around, often to follow leads to the One Ring or to avoid guards and enemies that would attempt to harm Gollum. Such methods include climbing which is often easy because of the numerous marked ledges and vines that populate the kingdom. As well as this, Gollum promises to have many interesting adventures that rely on your inner heist criminal to execute missions that have you steal without being noticed. As well as this, these missions often include many different terrains that provide different kinds of ways to move across the map such as the underground caves which mostly rely on your climbing skills or grassy fields which want you to stalk through the tall grass. You also get to meet various key characters on your adventure who often help you towards your main goals with sometimes questionable ways to convince you to do their bidding. Lastly, if you are hoping for some Sméagol then you are in luck because when on missions, you often get to pick between Gollum/Sméagol depending on which personality will aid you best with your tasks.

While LOTR: Gollum did not get the greatest amount of feedback from the community, I’d still argue that this game does present some opportunities. I certainly believe that if you are a fan of the Lord of the Rings franchise then this game will certainly entertain you while also providing useful background information regarding the life of a key character in the series. So why not give it a chance? Time to help Gollum find his precious!

I certainly hope that this list of games has helped in your quest to cure boredom. Even if you are new to Nintendo I can guarantee that at least one of these will pique your interest and if not, then maybe go and read some of my other articles for inspiration for what to play. From Harry Potter to Batman and Metroid, this list holds some promising contenders for Nintendo and gaming itself. So, what are you waiting for? Start saving up because it's time to cast some spells, throw some batarangs and shoot some aliens for the ‘Top 5 New Games Coming to Nintendo’!

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