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The New Nintendo Switch: What We Know

Welcome back gamers to another article! Today we will explore the high possibility of a new Nintendo switch! While unofficial, rumours of the Nintendo Switch 2.0 are beginning to gain momentum within the gaming community, however it is very true that the six year old Switch is starting to get old and needs a replacement. As well as this, with the more recent PS5, Nintendo needs to come out with something fast or risk the possibility of losing valuable customers to other more efficient brands. But don’t worry, we aren’t completely clueless as to what schemes Nintendo is planning for us! Let’s break down what we know….

Latest News :

  • There is a high possibility that the Nintendo Switch 2 could come out in 2024.

  • The Switch 2 has been hinted at in a new analyst report with a release date earlier than what most of the community had been guessing. 

  • Reports from Eurogamer say that Nintendo Switch 2 was showcased to Gamescom developers. 

  • There is a large possibility that the Switch 2 could be based on the Nintendo DS. 

Potential Release Date and Price for Nintendo Switch 2:

When guessing the potential real release date for Switch 2 we don’t have much information but if we were to estimate, mid to late 2024 would be the most reasonable option. This educated guess is based on the fact that the Nintendo Switch was released in early 2017 after being announced in October 2016. However, due to the fact that it is already November in 2023 and the new Nintendo has not been announced yet, mid to late 2024 is bound to be more likely.

As well as this, we can estimate the price of this fated Nintendo Switch 2 by remembering the original console as a base. The Nintendo switch has a MSRP of $259.99 and the OLED has a store price of roughly $349.99 due to the new and improved hardware with a better screen resolution. In addition, if we look at the price for PS5 and Xbox Series X we can average out a price as they both retail for roughly $499.99. Going off of Nintendo’s history we see that their devices generally sell for lower prices though it often does not have the range and storage of the other gaming giants. Off of this I would guess that the Nintendo Switch 2 would go for around $399.99 because of its new and improved technology.

Nintendo Switch 2 Design:

One of the biggest questions circling around the community is what will this new Nintendo look like? Well that question involves one of the biggest rumours to answer it. There is large speculation that the new Nintendo will have a design based on the Nintendo DS, one of Nintendo’s best selling products. Because this product sold almost 155 million units worldwide, the idea was that since it was so successful, make a newer, more efficient model that should give similar success. In fact, a few people at GameRant noticed that a patent had been filed by Nintendo for a device with a dual-screen that closely resembled a 3DS. However, we have also noticed numerous differences that may suggest a new updated version which could be the Nintendo Switch 2. One such difference is that it contains the same kind of external displays as foldable phones nowadays. This means that you have the option of folding or unfolding the device to play however you wish. Another updated feature is that it can somehow split in half to give local multiplayer wirelessly, much like how the Switch and OLED model could have detachable controllers to play wireless multiplayer on one device. Finally, many people suggested that the controllers on the side of the new switch will be lengthened much like the PS controllers for better grip and comfort.

Of course at this stage, it seems as though we are being kept in the dark but I’m sure Nintendo will pull through with something that will certainly wow us. Personally, I am very excited with the possibility of a larger screen, better lighting and improved software. The Nintendo Switch is my personal gaming device of choice and I don’t think that will change any time soon but ultimately, we'll have to wait and see if Nintendo crashes and burns or if it will rise to the task. Finally, be sure to stay tuned for my future review of the fated Nintendo Switch 2!

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