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The Lego Sydney Opera House - reviewed

Updated: May 6

Is the Lego Sydney Opera as monumental as the real thing? Let's find out...

The first compartment starts off with a baseplate and stairs, before you go on to build half of the floor as well as a small building. The second compartment is similar to the first, but definitely bigger - it also has two holes to securely fit the buildings from bags three and four, which are the final bags and contain the main buildings of the opera house. Bag four also contains the 48 lampposts around the Opera House’s perimeter. 

Building Technique 

Although it may look simple, the building technique for every bag is different. In the first bag, you will use an entire base plate before you make a scaffolding-like skeleton for the staircase and the skeleton of the small building. The second bag, instead of making scaffolding, connects to the first before building up layer by layer, leaving you with two holes to connect the main two structures. The third bag uses tilted connectors to make the iconic shape of the opera house - you will build the back and then connect it to the front, using one of the holes from earlier to secure it. The fourth bag starts with the same style but then you must build additional connectors that look like a lookout. Soon, you will have finished the building from the skeleton you started with in bag 1, and will complement it with the lampposts. Another fun fact - the baseplate is blue to represent the water of the Sydney Harbour around the monument.


So, is the lego Sydney opera house worth buying? The building technique is certainly very unique and enjoyable, and it’s also a calming build. However, it comes with the steep price tag of 0.117 dollars per piece, but this is worth it considering that it’s a retired logo, meaning that it’s no longer made! The one major downside is that there’s only four bags for the 3072 pieces, so each bag is massive and hard to navigate. Ultimately, you should buy this set - but good luck finding it, as it has been retired for 10 years!

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