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The Joys of Reading

Would you like to read more, but can't find the time or motivation? Do you want to have a reason to read? Would you like to learn some benefits of reading? Well look no further, I have it all here.

The first and probably most attractive benefit to reading is that it can transport you to another world. It lets your imagination do the work and lets you picture what you’re reading in your mind independently, not like in movies, where everything is done for you and you can't imagine what the characters look like for example. In a book, the character can look in any way you want them to. The reader is more in control.

Another great thing about reading is that while you read, you can’t think of anything else. Unlike TV, where your mind can wander and you can think about this, that and the other and still follow the plot, reading requires all of your attention, no matter what.

Even though by this point, you should agree with me that reading is awesome, if you need more proof, I have some more science-y stuff for you. Reading has been scientifically proven to have almost the same effect as meditation or yoga - it can help our mental health, help us reduce stress and live longer and happier lives. Reading teaches us things that cannot be learned in a classroom, empathy, understanding, and to see the world from different perspectives. Pretty impressive, right? But that’s not all reading can do - it can strengthen your brain, build your vocabulary, improve your focus and imagination, make you smarter and improve your memory, improve communication skills, and let you learn new things.

Now, I’m sure you agree with me that reading is the best solution, to basically anything and everything. Make the time, grab a book and start reaping the benefits!

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