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The Batman: A Review

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Surprisingly, the following article might contain spoilers for the movie The Batman. Proceed with caution.

Last weekend saw the release of The Batman, the first superhero movie of 2022. Directed by Matt Reeves and starring Robert Pattinson in the titular role, the movie serves as the starting point for a larger trilogy as well as two spin-off shows.

One of the strongest points about the movie is the emphasis placed on the corruption of Gotham City and on Batman’s detective skills, something which we haven’t seen in previous adaptations, making Reeves’s take on the character more faithful to the comics. The complex storyline was gripping and watching it all unfold, from the Mayor’s murder, to the shocking twist involving Bruce Wayne’s father was a cinematic treat.

The action sequences were well-choreographed and involved Batman using his fists rather than fancy gadgets for once - a refreshing new direction to take.

The acting is incredible, with (in my humble opinion) Robert Pattinson being the best on-screen Batman we’ve ever seen. The chemistry between him and co-star Zoe Kravitz was clear to see. Paul Dano was absolutely terrifying as the Riddler, effortlessly asserting himself as a psychopathic and broken villain. Arguably, however; the two stand out performances were from Jeffrey Wright, as Jim Gordon, and Colin Farrell, as the Penguin who stole every scene they were in. Wright was charismatic and humorous and did a fine job of playing Gordon. Farell was also charismatic and did a great job in developing the Penguin’s voice.

The only issue with the movie is the epic runtime of almost three hours. It felt too long for a solo superhero movie.

Overall, it is a great movie: fast- paced, action-packed, complex, and entertaining. It does a great job of developing Robert Pattinson’s Batman as a character, and will be leaving audiences eagerly awaiting future instalments.

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