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Lego Titanic Review - Another Disaster Story

The Lego Titanic is a Lego set based of the S.S. Titanic and is an 18+ build as it exceeds one metre in length, and has complicated mechanics and building techniques - to be frank, it even uses illegal techniques in the first compartment (often leading to damaged kits). 

Compartments and engines

What makes this Lego set unique is the separate compartments used in its construction. The compartments have an axle and a handle which you slot into a gap to keep stable (this is removable). On the third compartment there is a Technic-style engine which turns the propellers at the end of the boat, this engine connects to the second compartment and, unfortunately, you can't access it once put together.

Building techniques

The building technique is very simple: angled. Although it seems simple it is hard to get the angle right for the shape of the boat is curved and without the shell there is little to no support or/and strength. This gets irritating after a while, but admittedly it's only for a few bags. The structure is built flat but is put on its side to give the illusion of being connected vertically when in reality no flat pieces can achieve this without illegal techniques (certain ways to put the pieces which can damage, bend or put stress on the piece).

Conclusion and overall review

In conclusion, in my opinion, the Lego Titanic is not worth buying even though the price per piece is a reasonable 0.115 SGD. The building technique is repetitive, boring and painful. Overall, it is a good thing to show off and display, but it just can’t be played with easily. For example, you can’t see the little rooms/details when it is all together and have to remove three things before opening up one compartment . The engines are an even bigger project! Furthermore, if one thing inside breaks there is no safe way to get to it and you risk losing valuable pieces because a bed fell off or some other minor incident.

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