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Being Vegan Doesn't Help! Or Does it?

You know all those delicious foods we enjoy? The juicy meats we eat, OOZing with flavor, the cheese MELTing over your sandwiches, that sweet chocolate we raid from the fridges in our houses. All of those are made from animal-based products. Being vegan means not eating animals, eating ingredients that aren’t animal produce, not even touched by animals. Do you think you’d be able to live without them? If being vegan means missing out on all those delicious foods, WHY do people become vegan?

Did you know that more than 70% of vegans became vegan for animals? Animals are cute, no doubt- everyone loves them. But we still eat them; because they, along with their produce, are TASTY. But have you ever thought about all the torture, the blood and gore that the animals goes through to turn into that delicious steak? I mean, how would we feel if we were raised, with care and love, but then found out we were raised just to die and be eaten? This is one of the main reasons why vegans are vegans.

On the other hand, it is the natural order of things. It’s part of the food chain. Us humans? We’re the apex predators. The animals? Still predators, but lesser. Eating farm animals is natural- the way a cheetah must kill a gazelle. What if all predators just stopped eating animals? It’s just not meant to be.

Thus, humans are indeed apex predators, and are meant to eat animals in the foraging era. However, in today’s world when we eat meat, we aren’t capturing them and hunting them ourselves; we create factories that are torturing animals into making products, even sometimes to their deaths. Therefore, we are doing much more damage than any apex predator would ever do.

My conclusion is that being vegan depends on where we live and where we get our animal products from. If there’s a way for sourcing your meat and animal products with mass torture, then it’s still considerable to eat the meat and animal produce. Eat it! But, if you can’t get it in a way that’s not tormenting the animals, being vegan is the right way to go!

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