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An analysis of "Skin and Bones"

David Kushner, singer of “Daylight”, entered 2024 with a bang by releasing his new song “Skin and Bones”. In this song, I’m going to be analysing the track and sharing my thoughts on his newest number. 

Verse 1:

I fantasise to feel you like a bullet

And all your layers to the fullest

But the heavens won't condone it, mm

You deceivin', wayward woman

You're a false prophet at the pulpit

The condition of your soul is erodin'

In this first verse, Kushner talks about how he fantasises about this person, yet it hurts him a lot, as shown through the connotations of pain associated with the word ‘bullet’. He implies that he knows who the person truly is and how complex and multilayered they are. However, in the next line, he talks about how his fantasies for them have turned into lust, which is considered a sin in Christianity. He then sings more about the person by calling them a “Deceivin’, wayward woman”, implying that they’re a liar and “false prophet at the pulpit”, implying that this person is a threat. From the way he describes this person in these lyrics, it is suggested that he knows them quite well. The line “the condition of your soul is erodin’” suggests that this person has been carrying a lot of heavy emotional baggage, especially since they were deceived, and that they are now in a potentially fragile state where they risk losing themselves completely.


Wrap me in your skin and bones, yeah

You’re electrical

Oh I’m gonna lose control, yeah

As you pull me close

Wrap me in your skin and bones, yeah

You’re electrical

Oh I’m gonna lose control, yeah

“Skin and bones” is used as imagery for the body, and the singer states that he wants this person to wrap their arms around him and hold him. “You’re electrical” shows that this person and their presence has a really strong effect on him and he is greatly attracted to it. The next line shows that he is going to be really excited and glad as the person pulls him close because he enjoys their presence; it’s implied that he won’t be able to handle it.

Verse 2

As your flatter talk shivers down my spine

I hear the Holy One exposin' all the lies

Lord, forgive me, I know my flesh needs to die

She has the lips red as cherry wine

A poisonous kiss, she's part of the swine

Our salvation won't be sacrificed

The singer talks about how this person flatters him and acts sweetly with him, which makes him feel a certain way. He suggests that it sometimes even scares him, as shown with the words “shivers down my spine”. However, he talks in the next line about how he learnt about all the lies she had said and the things she had done. He further emphasises his lust for this person in the line “Lord, forgive me, I know my flesh needs to die”, showing he is begging for forgiveness which implies that he knows what punishment he will face when he dies, per his faith. He then uses a simile with the line “she has lips red as cherry wine” to describe how beautiful this person is, reinforcing his attraction. “A poisonous kiss” implies that they have been intimate with each other, and the kiss that he received from them increased his feelings for her, despite both their troubled pasts. “Our salvation won’t be sacrificed” shows us that the singer has accepted that he has committed the sin of lust by obsessing over this person, and has accepted it. Salvation is deliverance from harm, loss, or ruin, and in Christianity, provides protection from one’s sins. 


But I don't wanna stop, yeah, I just need to see

If your love's the truth or the spirit of deceit

No, I don't wanna talk, baby, give it all to me

There's honey drippin' from your teeth

The first line “But I don’t wanna stop, yeah,” shows us that he is too far into his lust for this person that it has gone beyond a point of return. Him singing “I just need to see if your love’s the truth or the spirit of deceit” shows that he is still willing to give this person another chance in their relationship, where he can truly tell if they are soulmates or if she is continuing to deceive him. “There’s honey drippin’ from your teeth” shows that he believes there is still good in this person despite the lies they told. Honey has connotations of sweetness and tastiness, which are good things, suggesting that he believes they have some honesty in them and their words. 

So there you have it - my analysis of “Skin and Bones'' by David Kushner. It’s almost like analysing poetry, isn’t it?

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