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Why Hours of Fortnite is Actually Good for You

The Benefits of Spending Time on Fortnite: It’s More Than Just Gaming.

Fortnite is one of the most popular video games, yet many people suggest that it is terrible for your wellbeing. But, here are six thoughts that might change your mind. 

  1. Fortnite is a game of survival and strategy, which requires teamwork and friendship for success. Fortnite allows you to join together to achieve victory.

  2. Fortnite has the unique feature of allowing players to build structures within the game, which promotes creativity and spatial awareness. This can translate into improved problem-solving skills and an enhanced ability to visualise and create in the real world.

  3. Additionally, Fortnite introduces a new season every five months or so, with changes in maps, skins and more. This flexibility is certainly transferable to the real world.

  4. Fortnite often hosts in-game events, concerts and collaborations. For example, the Fortnite Festival invites players to participate in challenges or watch something spectacular - this can lead to long lasting relationships with other gamers and provide a sense of belonging.

  5. Like any form of entertainment, playing Fortnite also serves as a stress-reliever and a source of enjoyment. Engaging in a virtual world allows individuals to temporarily escape the stresses of daily life. 

  6. Those who do aspire to game for longer can open doors to new platforms and possibly even get scholarships, sponsorships and careers in the growing gaming industry.

While moderation is key, we must also recognize that spending hundreds of hours on Fortnite can lead to many positive outcomes, such as new friends, stress relief, creativity and awareness.

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