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Who was the worst transfer for the 2022/23 summer transfer market?

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

We are now well into the 2022/23 season and today I’m going to tell you who I think was the biggest waste of money. This list will be based on the transfer sum paid (directed to the club), salary (player earnings), and how they have been performing in general since the transfer.

When we think of the ‘flops’ of the 22/23 summer transfer window, many people will have players such as Kalvin Phillips, Casemiro, Darwin Nunez in their minds. This doesn’t mean, however, that all these people are ‘flops’. Both Kalvin Phillips and Darwin Nunez are very young and have a high potential for success. On the other hand, players like Casemiro are veterans and a big figure in the changing room to help lighten up the mood.

That being said, I believe Darwin Nunez is the biggest transfer flop of the year. When he was first announced, there was a lot of hype - some thought he might outshine Haaland (arguably the best player in the world) in the Premier League. These statements were looking promising in his first Liverpool game after he bagged a goal while his counterpart looked non-existent and missed a golden opportunity at the end.

After that game, however, it all went downhill. In his next game, he scored once against underdogs Fulham in a 2-2 draw - poor for Liverpool's standards. The very next game in a 1-1 draw with Crystal Place, he would get a red card for head butting an opposing player, meaning he was suspended for the following 3 games where Liverpool, lead by Nunez’ backup Firmino, played amazingly. Upon his return, Liverpool drew yet again against their local rivals Everton, despite being the favourites.

The season is far from over and Nunez still has a long time to prove his worth. It is too early to judge whether or not he is a true flop. But, if he carries on in this way, this could be one of the worst transfers Liverpool has ever made.

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