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Which Spider-Man is the physically strongest?

This article is a power scaling on which Spider-Man is the strongest and will go through all of their best strengths.

First, let’s look at the feats of Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man. We can already rule him out as he doesn’t have many strengths in the first place – his best feat is merely catching a police car. However, it doesn’t mean that he isn’t as strong as Tobey Maguire’s and Tom Holland’s Spider-Men, he just needs more feats of strength.

Now let’s go through Tobey Maguire’s strength feats. He held a cable car full of children weighing around 18 tonnes and stopped a speeding train weighing around 40 tonnes. He was also able to, very casually, throw a section of a wall behind him.

Now let’s look over Holland’s strength feats. He was able to stop a bus which was estimated to be moving at around 99,000 mph. He was able to hold up a jet bridge which was around 9-11 tonnes. Holland’s Spider-Man also casually caught the Winter Soldier’s metal arm in Captain America Civil War, while Captain America couldn’t hold his own against a punch from Winter Soldier, even with the help of a shield. He was also able to pull a falling elevator with his friend Ned Leeds and his classmates, which weighs around 3,554 tonnes. He also simultaneously held two halves of a ferry which weigh around 3,200 tonnes. He was also able to lift warehouse rubble off him, which is almost like a building, and steer a plane using only his webs and his arms, and this was when he was weakened.

And the strongest is…

In conclusion, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is the strongest as he has far better strength feats and has lifted heavier than Tobey and Andrew. Many people will try to argue that Tobey was able to stop a blood-lusted Tom from killing Green Goblin in Spider-Man No Way Home, but Tobey was shaking and was using his whole body strength, while Holland was using his arm strength to shove the glider down, so, therefore, Holland is the strongest Spider-Man.

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