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The Adam Project Review

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Deadpool actor, Ryan Reynolds, re-teamed with Free Guy director, Shawn Levy, for The Adam Project, released by Netflix on March 11th. It follows a man called Adam who travels back from the year 2050 and arrives in 2022, where he encounters a younger version of himself, Walker Scobell. Here is my review of the film…

I enjoyed the light-hearted and humorous tone, and the acting is also quite good, with Reynolds and Scobell having good chemistry on screen. They also both have a great relationship with co-star Mark Ruffalo, who portrays Adam's father. Although the mixing of present and future made for an interesting plot, it also made it complex and at times hard to understand. I also loved the action sequences as they were jam-packed and involved a lot of comedy, with unique and stunning visuals.

My only issue with the movie was how the writers started a sub-plot and then abandoned it to focus on the main narrative. An example of this is when older Adam arrives in 2022 and speaks with his mother, played by Jennifer Garner, about younger Adam loving her despite their now-rocky relationship after Adams' father died. His mother eventually realises that it could be her son from the future, but the writers then fail to address this sub-plot anywhere else during the movie, including the end.

Overall, I’d give this movie 8/10. It was entertaining and fun to watch, but it would have been better if they addressed the sub-plot at the end of the movie.

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