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The 5 Best Airlines in the World

Do you have a favourite airline? Do you have an airline that you avoid? In this article, I’m going to discuss my top 5 best airlines in the world and why these are my favourites.

Number 5: British Airways.

British Airways has been one of the most popular airlines to fly on throughout the past decade. This airline flies customers all over the world. A big number of these flights are to the US. Some Americans would fly British Airways rather than American Airlines, Delta or United. British Airways’ long haul flights are usually a huge success. Whereas, BA’s short-haul flights have been cancelled. This is due to inflation. However, British Airways is now back on its feet after winning the long battle against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Number 4: Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific was created in Hong Kong back in 1946; 75 Years later it is now owned by the conglomerate ‘Swire’. Before moving to Singapore, I lived in Hong Kong; When flying to London, we would normally fly Cathay Pacific . This is because it is a safe airline with no disasters. Only 1 issue has occurred on Flight CX780 which had a thrust problems in both engines. Fortunately, the plane managed to land with no injuries whatsoever. Cathay Pacific's biggest rival is the legendary Singapore Airlines; I believe they are aiming too high to catch up. Cathay’s pacific hub is the Hong Kong national airport.

Number 3: Emirates

Emirates is the main carrier airline. for the United Arab Emirates, its fleet includes over 100 Airbus A380s. Emirates is one of the most used airlines in the world. You can fly to many destinations around the world due to the central location of its base in Dubai. I have never flown Emirates. However, the reviews are consistently very good and the ratings are almost always very high. Emirates’ biggest rival is Ethiad airlines. The hub is located in Dubai International Airport.

Number 2: Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is sometimes known as the best ever airline. I would say it just loses out the top spot. I flew with Qatar Airways in the summer of 2022, and it fell short of my Singapore Airlines experience. Qatar Airways has a huge reputation. Like Emirates, Qatar Airways was founded in the Middle East. Qatar Airways recently had opened up their destination range, now flying to Saudi Arabia and other countries in the Persian Gulf. Al Hamad international airport holds Qatar Airways’ official hub.

Now for the big reveal. My favourite airline in the world is….

Number 1: Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines has had a strange journey, this started when Singapore gained independence from Malaysia (formerly Malaya) in 1965. Singapore Airlines made history when they ordered the first ever Airbus A380. Singapore Airlines is the main sponsor for this year's Singapore Grand Prix. Singapore airlines services flights to close destinations such as Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong. However, Singapore Airlines is also known for long-haul flights going to London, Frankfurt and even New York. Singapore Airlines is centred at Singapore's Changi Airport on the east side of the island.

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