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Sixth form Review

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

My best piece of advice to you: don’t take IB unless you really want to.

Hey year tens and elevens, this editorial will be a review of my first term as a Sixth form student. This is definitely a far cry from my usual job - publishing and editing articles, and this would normally not be my topic of choice, but Mr Roberts had commissioned me to write such an article and as I value my life ( but more importantly my IB diploma), I will be writing it.

Sixth form can be great, if you manage your time well, but it can also be a lot of stress. It’s definitely a lot more difficult than IGCSE so be sure to make your notes ahead of time.

A level is a step up from IGCSE, but it is essentially the same structure, you just get more freedom along with an excessive amount of free lessons.

IB on the other hand, is light years away. You might think that you are good at a subject if you get 9s and A*s in IGCSE, however, that doesn’t guarantee you a 6 or above in IB, or even a 5 if you don’t work hard enough.

Please don’t be put off at the prospect of taking IB, if you really want to. Though it is much harder than you might be used to, it is only stressful if you make it so.

It is actually possible to balance a slew of extracurriculars, have a social life and excel in school.

I just haven’t found the trick to it yet.

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