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Is FIFA 23 better than FIFA 22?

FIFA 23 has been around for a few months now, and we’re all wondering if there has been an improvement from the previous games. In recent years, we’ve heard outrage from the FIFA community that the game itself was not improving and EA Sports were just recycling titles without actually changing anything. That said, this year is looking bright as there has been a very positive response from the public about the gameplay and resolvement to server issues.

Most of these positive comments have been based on the change in pace of the game. The game has become more realistic with slower players able to catch up to other players in certain circumstances all of which creates a more authentic experience.

In addition, many would agree with me when I say that FIFA 23 has seen a lot of changes to previous titles. For example, this year they have implemented a new ‘World Cup’ mode along with limited time events regarding this year’s tournament. The game has also had a much wider outreach with options for low-income players to get a copy of the game too!

That said, there have been a few problems regarding hacks and glitches. A handful of content creators and pros have been hacked in the past week, meaning they’ve lost all of their Ultimate Team coins in a matter of minutes. These hacks have caused a lot of players to lose months of hard work, and possibly even some earnings as well.

Overall, FIFA 23 is amazing compared to FIFA 22 and other previous titles thanks to an improved gameplay system and other modes. That said, it has not been smooth sailing throughout with glitches and hacks affecting some players. If EA sports were to fix all these issues and prevent any other problems, I think the game has the potential to become one of the best ever.

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