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Fractured Movie Review

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

The Netflix movie Fractured, uses incredibly weird yet compelling storytelling. The movie is centered around a man, Ray, and his family, that includes his wife, Joanne, and daughter, Peri.

This psychological thriller tells the story of insanity vs. reality. The opening starts off with a picture-perfect setting of a family driving from a thanksgiving dinner. They end up needing to use the bathroom and to their luck, they find a nearby gas station. Unfortunately, the daughter loses her compact in the bathroom and both parents have to search. Whilst the father is looking in the car, his daughter encounters a wild dog that corners her. As she tries to back away, she falls into an opening, high off the ground, and screams, alerting the father who tries in vain to save her.

Now, the story becomes odd. What we are led to believe is that the girl survived and the mother sees her daughter on the floor and screams, whilst her father lays on the ground. However, everything goes haywire, as the father looks as though he’s just had a relapse. They enter a nearby hospital, in the hope that their daughter is okay and hasn’t ‘fractured’ anything. The father leads the audience to believe that the hospital supposedly kills their patients in order to get organ ‘donations’ from them.Of course, with all weird stories, this is not the case.

It’s revealed at the end of the movie that Ray killed his wife when he failed to save his daughter, who did not survive the fall and died upon impact. Everything experienced by Ray after this event had been a figment of his imagination.

Overall, I’d have to rate this movie 8/10. It was really thrilling and did live up to its genre “psychological thriller”. The compelling storytelling really helped add suspense to the movie and always kept me engaged; not one bit of the movie was boring but I would say the beginning was a bit slow-moving. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone interested in psychological thrillers/horror and really just wanting to watch a movie that keeps you engaged with mystery and tension!

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