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Ezra Miller Apologises

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

The actor in ‘The Flash’, Ezra Miller, has generated a lot of buzz throughout the first half of 2022. They were arrested twice in Hawaii, with multiple charges named such as kidnapping and breaking-in and have also been reported to have been carrying firearms around, as well as housing a family in their gun-filled farm in Vermont, causing the Warner Brothers to re-evaluate their options with their upcoming Flash movie for the DC Extended Universe (DCEU).

The studio announced that, after the release of the Flash movie in June 2023, they want nothing to do with Miller. In late July 2022, it was announced that Warner Brothers had considered three options for the Flash movie:

  1. Have Miller do an interview where they explain their unexpected behaviour, issue an apology, and participate in limited press for the film;

  2. Release the movie and exclude Ezra Miller from all press and promotion;

  3. Completely scrap the movie.

Since then, it seems Warner Brothers have decided to go with the first option as Miller released an apology through their representative last month.

Miller stated that they were going through complex mental health issues, and apologised for the distress that they have caused for the public. The actor is expected to return to their mother’s house in Vermont and seek help. They are also expected to show up to a court hearing later this month for stealing alcohol from a house in Vermont.

The apology might not necessarily be genuine though, as Miller released it through a representative instead of themselves. And they also haven’t recognized the damage they have caused until now. If Miller continues with their therapy and doesn’t do anything controversial or illegal before the release of the Flash movie, maybe the film could be salvaged. Either way, their reputation has still left a permanent stain on the Flash movie franchise.

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