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Courses that our school NEEDS

This article will detail courses that schools need to introduce into the general curriculum, and why:


This might come as a shock to some, but gaming is a course that any school needs. It might be addictive, but games like Marvel’s Spider-Man and God of War will help improve students’ puzzle-solving and critical thinking skills, and games like Call of Duty and Halo allow students to improve their teamwork skills - all while having fun.


Cooking is a life skill that will be beneficial for students' futures. Not only will it give students easy marks, it will also help them provide for themselves and their family, and make them more excited to go to school.

Being an influencer:

Another course that school should introduce is how to become a social media influencer, whether it be on YouTube or TikTok. In a day and age where everyone can make money online, teachers should teach students how to create a brand, keep up with it, and set them up to make money online later in life. This could be an optional course given that some don’t want to learn how to become an influencer.

Skin Care:

A course on skincare would elevate students, not necessarily in an academic state, but in a social state. They can learn how to get rid of acne and treat their skin better, as well as learn about different products and why they may or may not work. This will improve students' self-esteem and confidence. This course will also attract a lot of students, many of whom want to deal with their poor skin. This could also be implemented into Life Skills lessons.

And there you have it - four courses which, in my opinion, must be put into the school curriculum.

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