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BRAWL STARS BEST BRAWLERS (TOP 10 in competitive gameplay)

I know everyone is always arguing about who’s the best brawler, but this is the definitive ranking. No arguments, no debate about it - for people who play every day, this is the tier list you need.


Taking the 10th-place spot we have Charlie. She got even more nerfs in the most recent update, yet she is still able to get into the top 10 - what else do we have to do to get her off the Meta? Her nerfs did practically nothing, and she is still such a good tank shutdown. Her superpower is fundamentally broken, and it’s still so easy to hit and it always guarantees a kill. Finally, her spider gadget is so good for countering snipers. Despite being so easy to play with, she’s easily 10th.


Coming in ninth place is Belle. This brawler just doesn’t have many counters 

and if you are a good player you can get so many consistent shots and damage it’s just absolutely cracked and she’s such a good counter to many of the counters in the meta like gene and max because main reason being, with gene you want to clump up but Belle stops that from happening and it stops max from using her super effectively with teammates and with the map pool right now, belle is just such a consistent and great pick. 


With 8th place we have Cordelius. So he received 2 nerfs but really they didn’t do much to him because fundamentally he is one of the best counters to tanks. Main reason being, it’s so easy to hit a super on them and in the shadow realm it’s just a free kill every single time. You can just abuse in so many scenarios and with all the maps and modes in the game you can basically use Cordelius anywhere and a good cordelius can even use cordelius on the most open maps except for shooting star because again you can use your super + the replanting gadget and it’s just such a good combo. It just enables you to win so many scenarios and his hypercharge is still really good and as long as there are tanks in the meta cordelius will always be very strong.


Coming in 7th place we have Nita. So this might come as a surprise because the stats in the monthly finals doesn’t show that Nita is really a S tier brawler but the recent map pool change has really helped her out. Now you’re going to start seeing her everywhere even in bounty canal grande, any grassy map she’s a great option mainly because it takes 2 supers to charge her hypercharge and then there’s a 10k hp bear running at you with extra movement speed and you’ve got the gadgets on top of that which can confirm a kill or waste so much ammo. By the time they have killed that bear, you have pushed them into spawn and you’re probably have nearly cycled to the next hypercharge and then there’s another op bear just the cycle with Nita is insane. The biggest downside is that good players will just break open the map which isn’t good for Nita.

6. MAX

In 6th place we have Max. Max’s hypercharge is insane but there is a small drawback that you have to stand still to receive that extra movement speed but once you do you get 3 times as long as a normal max super which is just crazy. The main reason Max is so strong is that she got a hp buff not long ago and she just counters so many different brawlers. She can be easily counter able in the early games but late game she is a menace. To be honest she pairs so well with a lot of meta brawlers like gene, Sandy etc just any type of tank. The win rate is quite alarming like in the monthly finals she was barely picked but she is still a S tier brawler for sure and deserving of the 6th place spot.


5th is the highly underrated Byron. He has been so good for so long and now people are finally starting to realise just how good he is. The damage buff he received just went so under the radar. The main reason he is so meta is because he synergises with so many different brawlers and he’s just a fantastic brawler literally anywhere because tap the enemy to annoy them or you can just sit behind a tank and continue to heal them which won’t allow them to die. He’s great at lanes and in brawl ball he can pair well with any brawler and with hypercharge being nerfed a few updates ago, this has just allowed Byron to thrive even more. 


Jumping into the 4th best brawler we have Gene. Now you might be thinking that Gene is bad but all the pros say that Gene deserves to be so high up here. When Gene is in the gem grab meta, the brawl ball meta, you know he is really back into the meta. Vision gear is essential with Gene and I know his hypercharge isn’t the best like people are overrating it but at the same time if you switch to spirit slap star power which is highly underrated you can make a lot of crazy plays with it. A lot of the meta brawlers like Max, Sandy because he pairs so well with them and he’s extremely good in gem grab, one of the best brawlers in knockout and he’s just really good. Not many brawlers really counter him, the only brawlers that really counter him is like Meg who is typically at the bottom of the meta except for like now or a few other times.

Now into the top 3 we go and starting us off we have Sandy. The only thing stopping Sandy from being the best brawler in the game is the map pool but still there is a lot of grassy maps that have been added to the pool which has really helped him out and then you’ve also got his new hypercharge. His new hypercharge is so insane like the rate that you can charge your hypercharge after your first is so fast it’s just completely broken. The movement speed is so insane you literally can just run all over everyone. The extra damage movement speed, and the invisibility with his super just easily leads to a team wipe. He’s so strong and his hypercharge silences enemies as well but even though 0.5 seconds is really short it can still make a huge difference. You go from just gaining control to easily steamrolling the opponents, his hypercharge is just insane. He easily deserves this spot, maybe even higher.


Jumping into the 2nd best brawler we have Melodie. You can easily see her as the best brawler as well. It's just that she has slightly more counters than the best brawler in the game. In the monthly finals she was banned the most and picked the most which is also a big reason why she is so good. She received 2 nerfs to her which really did nothing because she’s still broken. The reason she’s so strong is because of her super. Having 3 dashes is insane because the mobility is insane and her gadget is still so strong because you literally can just pop it then use your super it’s such a good combo. Really the only counters to Melodie is sometimes tanks and Cordelius. In heist she’s the best brawler because she can shred the heist safe with her notes so quickly, in brawl ball she just instantly scores because of her dashes, Gem grab she can make crazy plays, bounty and knockout she can create so much pressure and it’s really broken right now.

  1. ANGELO: Finally, we have the best brawler in the game which is Angelo. So the mosquito is still so annoying and in the monthly finals he was the second most banned brawler which shows that the pros really value him. He’s just so broken in so many ways. Firstly, his nerfs to his poison damage isn’t much as he’s still the best brawler. The main issue is that he is probably too good - it would be fairer if his attack was more like Hank.  With Hank, the bubble bursts after holding onto it for too long, but with Angelo he can hold on to his attack as long as he wants. He deals an insane amount of damage and with his very fast movement speed he literally can just get close to a brawler and just auto aim which apart from tanks will either take away half of their Hp or one shot them. He counters other snipers with the very fast movement speed, he’s got the gadget which allows him to run away, he cycles super within 2 shots and you can pretty much use Angelo anywhere and in any mode. The only real counter to Angelo, I feel, is super grassy maps where you have at least some chance of killing him - or perhaps if you choose one of the Poco and Max duo which also gives you healing and speed which is a combination that may give you some way of beating Angelol. However, this is still relatively unlikely which goes to show how insane Angelo actually is to fight.

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