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Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week - What does it mean?

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

From the 20th to 26th February 2022, we had Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week. This may be a mouthful to hear but it commemorates a less-recognised romantic spectrum amongst our population. So what does aromanticism mean?

Aromanticism is a romantic orientation, which describes a person whose experience of romance is disconnected from what society expects from them, often due to experiencing little to no romantic attraction. Sometimes, an aromantic person can even feel repulsed by romance or be uninterested in romantic relationships. Many who identify with Aromanticism have no experience or relation with ‘love at first sight’ or having a crush, and some pursue non-traditional relationships, or do not have a ‘relationship’ at all. A large percentage of aromantics also identify as Asexual, where the person experiences little to no sexual attraction.

Like all spectrums, the Aromantic one can have many romantic orientations within it. This includes those who may feel romantically attracted to one, two or a whole list of genders but not others: Alloromantic. Greyromantic people are just in between Aromantic and Alloromantic, as in they fall in love more than Aromantic people, but less than those who are Alloromantic.

It is important to raise awareness for the aromantic spectrum so that we, as a society, can be more mindful of what makes people comfortable and what doesn’t. ASAW can be spread by joining events, posting on social media, printing posters, or making shareable infographics. In our ever-progressing society, spreading news and knowledge of sexualities and romantic spectrums is always appreciated by the LGBTQIA+ community, especially for those with specific labels with little recognition. A simple post goes a long way, and even though ASAW is over, maybe this article can help a few others understand aromanticism, and that’s always a good thing.

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