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Petals to Thorns; What's Hot and What's Not!

Up-and-coming indie singer d4vd released his debut EP “Petals to Thorns” this year, and I will be ranking the songs on this extended play from worst to best.

9. “You and I”

While I enjoyed this song, I still didn’t love it as much as the other songs. I enjoyed the guitar riff quite a lot, but felt it didn’t stand out like the rest, partly because it was one of the songs released before his breakthrough, “Romantic Homicide”.


I really enjoyed how this song feels, something to blast out loud at a party or sing at karaoke with your friends. I loved how it switches from a louder tempo to a softer tempo, but again, I still enjoyed the other songs more.

7. “Sleep Well”

I enjoyed the soft, melodic, backing track of this song as well as the lyrics and story that the song was trying to tell.

6. “Don’t Forget About Me”

I enjoyed the softer, low-beat backing track of this song and how he sings about him wishing for that one person not to forget about him and the memories they had.

5. “Here With Me”

I really liked the message of the song with him saying that he doesn’t care how long it takes to end up with that one special person in his life. I also enjoy the slower, softer piano and drums in the back.

4. “Romantic Homicide”

I enjoy the moody atmosphere to this song, which is perfectly created by the drums and guitar in the backing track. I also like the lyrics and as it is his breakthrough single, he really shows his vocal maturity from his previous songs like “You and I” in this song.

3. “The Bridge”

I love the loud drums in the background and this is another one of his songs that shows the artist’s vocal and lyrical maturity. I also really enjoy the themes of the song as well, and he does a great job fleshing them out in this song.

2. “Backstreet Girl”

Yet again, he shows his vocal and lyrical maturity in this banger. I also like the softer backing track and I really like the song’s meaning of him wanting to give someone space, but not wanting to wait too long before they love someone else, and how it’s ok for the person to cry and be human due to all the trauma they went through.

1. “This Is How It Feels”

Out of all of the songs in the EP, this certainly has the best vocals, not just from d4vd himself, but from Icelandic singer Laufey. The soft piano completely contrasts the rock style he is known for. Alogside this both his and Laufey’s vocals do a brilliant job at complementing the piano used for this ballad. The message of this song also resonated with me more than the other songs on the EP.

That was my ranking of the “Petals to Thorns” EP by d4vd. I would definitely recommend this as an EP to listen to, and it shows that d4vd has the potential to become one of the most influential and famous artists in the future.

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