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It Ends With Us

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover has become a national phenomenon ever since the book went viral on BookTok. In fact, it has become a New York Times bestseller, and here’s why.

It Ends With Us explores the life of Lily Bloom, an aspiring florist. The story begins with Lily’s Father’s funeral, after which she meets Ryle. Throughout the story, we learn of Lily’s parents’ abusive relationship, where her father domestically abused her mother regularly.

The book offers a contrast of flashbacks to her parents’ relationship, old diary entries revealing past relationships that she never forgot, and how it all affects her new-found love of Ryle.

As this book starts off as a romance, Hoover makes the reader attached to Ryle as a love interest (him being an attractive neurosurgeon) and main character but soon reveals his true colours and takes the reader on an emotional journey.

This book is extremely educational, and teaches people on topics such as abuse, sexual assault, and ending an abusive cycle. It highlights the strength required to share your story and to stand up to abusers. This book became a worldwide sensation due to its incredible story-line and writing. We can’t stress enough how this book provides a safe space for victims of domestic abuse, and allows all readers to attach to the incredible characters within these pages, while still feeling at home with this book (but also contains topics that could be triggering for some individuals). Colleen’s writing expresses understanding to Lily throughout the book, and allows readers to sympathise and understand Lily’s situation as a victim of abuse and sexual assault.

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