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Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery - reviewed

Unsurprisingly, this article contains spoilers for Knives Out 2: Glass Onion, so proceed at your own risk…

Last month saw the release of the Knives Out sequel, Glass Onion, featuring Daniel Craig reprising his role as Benoit Blanc in an all new murder mystery, and here are my thoughts:

One thing I liked in the movie was the different structure from the first film. I enjoyed how the structure included a much larger murder behind the scenes of a murder mystery party and that it all tied to something that had already happened. The film also has some funny moments yet I felt that they didn’t overdo it. This movie’s pacing is also on point and never misses a beat. I also enjoyed the musical score quite a bit. The acting was definitely a highlight of the film, with Daniel Craig giving a humorous performance as Detective Benoit Blanc. I also enjoyed the performances of the other cast members, particularly Edward Norton as the antagonist of the film, Miles Bron, Janelle Moane as a side character of Helen Brand, who helps Blanc expose Miles, and Dave Bautista as Duke even though his character is killed around halfway through the movie.

Now for an answer to the big question: do you need to watch the first film? The answer is no, you don’t need to watch the first film in order to understand this film. The film is a complete standalone story with only Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) returning. The film does not even make a single reference to the events of the first film, which is another thing that I appreciated about this sequel - it isn’t tied down by the first film.

The only issue I had with the film was that I felt that it could have taken advantage of being set during the COVID lockdown period to a greater extent.

Overall, I would give this film a 9.5/10. It’s a good, fun, mystery film to watch if you’re ever bored and is guaranteed to keep you entertained throughout.

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